Having Joy Despite Circumstances

As the Christmas season comes to an end, it is easy to get caught up in all of our material blessings such as gifts and money from the holiday season. Sadly we gauge our life on what we have and use that to see where we are in life. As long as we have the presence of an infinite God, we can do anything, even when our worlds are in chaos. It’s that power that looks strange to others. A nonbeliever does not think twice when we praise God for giving us Bentleys and nice houses, but they think twice when we get evicted from our homes and still praise. Are you still praising? 

Having joy in God not because of circumstances but despite circumstances is what makes God look great, and it is true joy that comes from within. For a long time I thought that if God can’t give me earthly blessings , then why should I follow him? Now I know, because He is enough. We all desire to be known, loved, and successful, and often that seems one step ahead of us at all times. And if we do finally reach them, they don’t seem to satisfy. We become slaves to the next goal. The great thing about Jesus, is that he gives us security. 

Jesus doesn’t promise us worldly success; he promises himself.

Jesus doesn’t promise us riches; he promises a rich life in him.

Jesus doesn’t promise us easy lives; he promises us a life with him. 

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